Interactive Learning Program phase 3

Board Game Design Workshop

12 children | 24 training hours

It enables children to transform the prototype game into an educational interactive board inspired by science, history and other curriculum. The game enhances their desire to learn in non-systematic ways. Other students can benefit from this model if sufficient funding is available in order to distribut the borad among public schools and educational classes.


10 children | 12 training hours

10 children joined the robotics course and the children were able to understand some of the basic concepts of the process of making and implementing the robot and the programs that transform it from a rigid material into a substance that moves dynamically and performs what is desired.


76 children | 64 training hours

With the prevailing conditions in the world due of COVIDE-19 crisis, supportive education has become one of the most important supports for the educational process and its supplement, and through this program, children were able to enroll in courses in physics, science, music and mathematics that enabled them to invest their time by studying and understanding materials and compensating for what they missed due to the ban that prevents them from accessing schools.

Educational Scientific Experiments Training

12 children | 12 training hours

Scientific experiments are fun, starting from the beginning stages of the experiment and until completing its success. This is what our children enjoyed after joining this training, as they applied many scientific experiments such as electrical circuits and the work of chemical reactions to produce various materials.

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