1. Advanced Claymation Training

Claymation advanced workshop aimed at training children (8-12 years old) on how to make an animated film by designing characters on cardboard, then teaching them how to animate the characters in simple ways. This workshop objects to increase knowledge of the stages and fundamentals of the animation industry from the idea to the presentation of the film to the public, as weil as the development of their creativity and innovation and the development of their imagination and senses, and the ability to apply simple software programs for this creative industry.
In this month children had 12 hours training described as below:

  • Extract the idea: this done by giving children a story that the child should complete from their point of view
  • Creative elements were created by children, and two stories with clear content and goals collected.
  • Children drawn and colored the characters they created, then divided in 2groupes

2. Advanced Mobile Photography

12 hours of training were given to children who finished the first st9ge in order to form and directing a film by the end of the second stage. Children started to involve the experience as bellow:

  • Learning the basics of writing.
  • Working in parallel (learning the skill of the basics of writing and acting to suit the child personalities)
  • Providing an explanation about the work of the art crew in the cinema and the role of each person in the filming and what is his responsibility in the creative work
  • Very good outcome started to be shown from the children related to stories.

3. Advanced Puppets Making course

In this stage, 24 marinate puppets will be manufactured, and 12 hours for this month were given as bellow:

  • Formation of the head by using paste from newspapers and glue
  • Emptying the head and re-paste and build other layers of the head from newspaper paste
  • Add some details to the head such as eyes, nose … etc.

4. English Training

Objectives: The class meant to improve students English speaking skills. At the end of the 4 classes the students will have a basic vocabulary and will be able to lead small conversations, such as introducing themselves, talking about their families and asking for the time.

Methods: lnteractive approach of teaching shown by encouraging the children to participate actively, applying mixed methods such as introducing or revising topics with songs or small games in which the children are encouraged to ask each other questions and answer them.

Outcomes: Four classes have been implemented and the children are making progress in speaking.

5. Visual Reality and Science

Visual Reality and Science12 hours related to science were given for children as bellow:

  • Touring in France and its cities by VR glasses, then designing a model for the Evil Tower done by children with the teacher.
  • Identify ways to design bridges around the world and then design a bridge with children that had some specifications
  • Identify the forms and characteristics of ships and boats and the mechanism of their operation and then design a simple boat with a large weight and balanced.
  • Learn about the world of dinosaurs and fossils and then make fossils closer to reality.

6. Computer Training

Training description: Computer Course
introductory course for the International
Computer Driving License (ICDL) course which will take children’s knowledge to next level. Children learned:

  • Steps in having personal email, how to use (Send and receive attachments and archive … )
  • Students were taught how to use and handle two applications of the Office software
  • Microsoft Office Word Document: Students are introduced to this app and how it is used, as it is used to correctly write and format text, paragraphs, and reports.

7. Math training report

Description: Teaching children correlations related to Numbers, Cubic’s, operations and relationships.
Goals: Student will be able to:

  • Recognize and solve cubist roots
  • classifies and represents: integers, factors, numbers in exponential form, squares, cubes, square and cube roots

Outcome Results:

  • Four classes were implemented for students.
  • Children was interactive and competitions between them on the board succeeds.

Beneficiaries No.

Mobile photography14
Puppet industry training12
English Training17
Computer Training16
VR/ science24

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