Proposed Clause Training Projects

1) Irregular strengthening classes

  • Based on measuring beneficiary student needs for educational material and studying student study conditions in government schools close to the Center, it was clear that students were suffering from crowded classrooms reaching, in some cases, to 40 students per classroom which prevents concentration by students during the class or even to convince the teacher to stop for a while at details they cannot understand, as teachers are busy controlling order during class and attempting to finish the material. This may result in low academic achievement by students particularly in mathematics and English.
  • Students in the middle and secondary levels are the ones who need strengthening classes most.

Hence, and based on the above notes, 160 male and female schoolchildren in the age group 8-16 years will be joining basic classes in subjects selected based on the needs of students living in East Amman area. These subjects are:

English Language:

Training aims at offering students the most commonly-used integrated skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). 


Integrative teaching of physics, considered to be a difficult subject for children. It will be taught in a practical integrative manner and special principles will be implemented through training and small projects presented by children with the teacher.


An integrative teaching method will be offered and followed for the mathematics classes for the tenth grade based on requests from beneficiaries and student requirements will be provided.


Among the most beautiful subjects that promote self-appreciation among children, breaking barriers of fear in meeting others (phobias) is music. There is no sufficient space for children to study music in government schools. In cooperation with a local music institute, a group of children will be trained on one of the following instruments: Piano, organ, and violin, through a curriculum for three months which makes a talented child capable of playing the instrument trained on.  

2) Science experiments learning lessons

Exciting and easy science experiments that can be done with simple products that can enhance children’s motor skills and imagination. Training Duration: 3 hours a week for one month. Number of Students: 12 male and female schoolchildren age group of 10-14 years. 

Educational Robot

Trainer: Intelligence Laboratory

Another learning training space through creativity and imagination in different subjects that permit the child’s mental growth through an advanced method by engineers. A child uses Lego to make his / her own robot to perform predetermined tasks. Training Duration: Three hours a week over 2 months. Number of Children20 male and female schoolchildren (9-12) 

Interactive Board game Design

Trainer: Dr. Tareq Al-Rimawi

Through this training, 12 male and female schoolchildren learn how to transform any educational material or any subject into a designed interactive board game by setting the game rules, in addition to drawing the main elements and writing the questions so that the player can benefit from the information available in the game in an interactive manner. Hence, drawing skills are required. 

  • Proposed Subjects: Arab Countries, space, football, human body, etc.
  • Age Group: 12-16
  • Number of Training Hours: 24 hours

Proposed Timetable for the lions club  Program during August, September, October 2020

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