1. Claymation Training

During the month of December, children had 12 hours of training described as below:

Each group from the children designed a script with the characters from the story they wrote before.

The production phase begins, which is to arrange the backgrounds and animate the designed characters through the use of a special animation application using a smartphone.

2. Mobile Photography

Students started learning the basics of camera movement and the movement of actors and imagine the scene to be photographed.

Children learned more practically to repeat photographing several times in order to master their stories to be more realistic and reach the hearts of the viewers.

Children learned about the montage, sound reproduction, and music fixing. Children also taught how to install the movie and choose the appropriate scenes.

3. Advanced Puppets Making course:

Formation of the body and limbs of the marionettes

4. English Training

This month the training aimed to enable the student to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situation to use English for study purpose across the curriculum.

5. Visual Reality and Science

12 hours related to science were given for children as bellow: Cell components and function in the human body. How the human body treats the damaged cell. The shape of water and glucose in the body. Genetics components for humans.

6. Computer Training

Children learned during this month: In general, the children develop an intuitive sense of how computers work and how they can use it to make the academic work more efficient.

7. Math training report

Description: Teaching children operations and relationships related to:

  • Numbers correlations and styles
  • Algebraic Ingredients
  • Multiple an algebraic term in an algebraic sum
  • Multiple algebraic headquarters in another magnitude
  • Algebraic amounts analyzed by taking out a common algebraic factor
  • The analysis of algebraic amounts by aggregation

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