1. Claymation Training

Description, goals and outcome:

24-hour of Claymation workshop aimed at training children (8-12 years old) on how to use the technique of producing short animated films using clay (play due) and integrating them with technological skills such as mobile phone photography and using a special application for stop motion technology.

The participants were divided into small teams consisting group to develop the spirit of teamwork among them, in order to increase creativity and success of the work related to the animation industry. At the end of the workshop, the clips which was done by children were collected into a single video with the addition of the audio introduction and conclusion, for the purposes of the presentation under the title “I am dreaming” which will be presented to the donor during the visit in the 26th of September.

2. English Training

Training Description: twelve-hour English training course was implemented for elementary and preparatory students.

Goals, outcome and Results: Below goals were achieved:

  1. Students were able to form a sentence and knew the sentence parts (subject, verb and object).
  2. They were capable to use the parts of speech like nouns, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, etc.
  3. They knew how to use the subject and object pronouns correctly.
  4. They recognized the three main tenses (past, present and future) and how to use them.
  5. They were able to introduce themselves.
  6. They learned how to make a short dialogue like asking and telling the time, comparing things, asking for, and giving directions.

3. Visual Reality and science classes

4. Computer Training

Training description: this is an extra course were given to the student „the school leavers“ based on their demand.

Computer Basics Course Is an introductory course for the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) course, the course included two topics taught at the International Course Objectives:

The students were taught how to use and handle two applications of the Office software applications:

1) Microsoft Office Word Document: Students are introduced to this app and how it is used, as it is used to correctly write and format text, paragraphs, and reports.

Result and outcome:

  • Identify some basic computer terminology and how to use it.
  • Developing students‘ computer skills.

4. Math training report

Description: Teaching children correlations related to Numbers, operations and relationships. Goals: Student will be able to:

  • Count in decimals and integers – any intervals
  • Recognizes, classifies and represents: integers, factors, numbers in exponential form, squares, cubes, square and cube roots

Outcome Results: Students started to:

  • Count forwards and backward
  • Recognizes, classifies and represents integers
  • Recognizes, classifies and represents factors
  • Recognizes, classifies and represents numbers
  • Performs mental calculations involving squares of natural numbers

Bags distribution:

100 school bags we distributed for children who attended classes of computer, English, Arabic, math and science lessons.

Chemisches Experiment, welches zeigt, dass durch Mischen von Säure und Salz Gas sichtbar gemacht werden kann… lustig und einleuchtend.
Dargestellt im Rahmen des Lion Bildungsprogramms
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